“An Awesome Wave”

Welcome to the Capt. Millennial WordPress! Previous posts are linked below, newest to oldest:

6/2/20Standing in Solidarity

2/4/20Healing Sounds

10/9/19The Magic Spider


4/5/19Spring 2019 Playlist

2/24/19An Exercise in Empowerment

2/20/19Home Again

12/20/18Major Anniversaries

11/5/18Fall 2018 Playlist

10/31/18 – “Everything has changed”

10/28/18 – A star is born

10/4/18 – Sans Scorn

9/10/18 – A Creative’s* Adventures in Personal Branding

5/10/18Making Waves: 2018 Met Gala, Donald Glover, & Janelle Monáe

4/10/18“To boldly go…”

3/5/18 – #takeinitiative

2/22/18 – Make it happen.

1/10/18 – #wecandowhateverwewant (Mission Statement)

❤ Liz

Published by

Capt. Millennial

Liz Scarlett Graham (b. 1985), founder of Captain Millennial, is an interdisciplinary thinker from New Haven, CT, USA, global citizen, lifelong champion of the Millennial generation (born early 1980s - mid 1990s), and aspiring role model for young people. Visit CaptMillennial.com for more info.

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