“Everything has changed”



“You make the moon our mirrorball/ The street’s an empty stage/ The city’s sirens, violins/ Everything has changed” ~ Elbow (covered by Peter Gabriel)

Here is the best way to describe the difference between me and my sister Margaret ~ i.e. we’re very similar, yet very much ourselves. We each had an identical box of ninety-six Crayola crayons when we were kids. They called it “The Big Box” and it contained just about as many shades as you could get. Margaret and I loved to color, mutually reveling in filling Winnie the Pooh’s shirt with a smooth, deep, beautiful red on grainy construction paper. Shading “just so” with a mossy green colored pencil or blending the rainbow splendor of a flower petal.

Sometimes it was difficult to locate the exact crayon we wanted in our big boxes. So, of course, I made a decree: Crayon boxes must be organized! How you did it is up to you, but I went by color group. In each smaller box, I put reds, oranges & yellows, blues, purples, greens, and black/brown/metallics. Margaret decided she liked this way as well, after trying a few other options. While she and I ever-so-slightly differed in opinion on which colors belonged in which group, our main divergence was in how each smaller box was organized. MINE WERE NOT IN COLOR ORDER. I liked the colors of each grouping to be next to quite different colors of the same grouping (see image above). It pleased my eye and still does today. Margaret preferred them to be in precise color order ~ as your eye followed, her colors would spectrum from left to right. I thought this method was too meticulous and could not be efficiently upheld and told her so. But, in true Margaret style, she proved me wrong and always had a very beautiful crayon box.

And there you have it…if that doesn’t give you an idea of who we are, together and apart as sisters, I don’t know what can.

Love you, my Violette.

liz and magrit croppedliz and magrit

💖 Scarlett



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Capt. Millennial

Liz Scarlett Graham (b. 1985), founder of Captain Millennial, is an interdisciplinary thinker from New Haven, CT, USA, global citizen, lifelong champion of the Millennial generation (born early 1980s - mid 1990s), and aspiring role model for young people. Visit CaptMillennial.com for more info.

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