Major Anniversaries

Pantone_LivingCoral 2019
Pantone’s Color of the Year (2019): Living Coral

Five Events to Commemorate in the New Year:

1. Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th death anniversary ~ May 2, 2019

leonardo davinci hummingbird


2. The Who’s Tommy 50th anniversary ~ May 23, 2019

tommy the who


3. Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left 50th anniversary ~ July 3, 2019

five leaves left nick drake


4. Woodstock 50th anniversary ~ August 15, 2019

woodstock 1969 mood
Woodstock (1969)
Woodstock (1969)


5. The Beatles’ Abbey Road 50th anniversary ~ September 26, 2019

abbey road the beatles reflection


Who else is looking toward 2019?? So many great things happened in 1969. I believe, somehow, the stars are aligned 🙂 See you in the New Year!

❤ Liz

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Capt. Millennial

Liz Scarlett Graham (b. 1985), founder of Captain Millennial, is an interdisciplinary thinker from New Haven, CT, USA, global citizen, lifelong champion of the Millennial generation (born early 1980s - mid 1990s), and aspiring role model for young people. Visit for more info.

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