Liz Scarlett Graham (b. 1985), founder of Capt. Millennial, is an interdisciplinary thinker from New Haven, Connecticut, USA, global citizen, lifelong champion of the Millennial generation (born early 1980s – mid 1990s), and aspiring role model for young people.

   Liz holds a B.A. in Music (Voice) from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, USA, M.A. in Music and Cultural History from University College Cork, Ireland, and M.S. in Education (Music: K-12) from University of New Haven. She studied abroad in affiliation with Redlands University in Salzburg, Austria.

   In addition to a lifetime of singing and acting, Liz spends her time consulting, practicing yoga, hiking, moderating a film club, and pondering science fiction. She also enjoys linguistics, musicology, political science, and long-term strategy.

Liz has recently appeared in Arts at Angeloria’s The Fantasticks (Louisa Bellomy), MYT’s The King and I (Anna Leonowens), and Summer Orlando’s Rocky Horror Live (Janet Weiss). She hopes to eventually earn her doctorate in Education.

Liz resides in the greater New Haven area with her cat, Rexie.