Make it happen.



Woke up today feeling like my heart was breaking. I heard birds singing outside my window and started thinking about the repercussions of if spring starts to come earlier here. About the freezing rain/sleet/snow that’s happening later today. About polar bears starving and losing their homes – that’s when I started to cry. About the ice caps melting daily at an alarming rate, about how Venice and Miami will likely be under water soon if we do nothing.

And then my mind turned to the thing I love most about nature – trees. How beautiful they are and how important they have been in my life. I remembered our majestic willow in East Haven and how I related so intimately to the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein because we used to swing on the willow’s branches. How my sister Margaret and I climbed just about every tree in our yard (and more besides!) and had our favorites. I remembered my dogwood and sitting in it singing to myself. How our dog Woofie would bark at me from the picnic table and I’d tell him to lay down and be calm. And how my dogwood died shortly after from blight…

Anyway, shed some tears and silently promised my planet (with my hand on my heart) that I would do everything I could in my lifetime to save her. And I was reminded of my mission – “so we don’t HAVE to move to Mars, but we can move there if we want to.”

That’s my goal. I just need to figure out how the hell I’m going to enlist people – friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers – to help make it happen.

But I will personally try my darnedest.

❤ Liz

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