Watching WALLE


Every single time I see this picture of me watching WALL*E with my friends’ children from last June, three things happen:

  1. I can’t help but smile. I hope it makes you smile, too!
  2. I am immediately brought back to that chilly air-conditioned basement in our rental summer house in the Poconos. Brothers Ender and Alan (second from and far right) had never seen Pixar’s WALL*E before; it is one of my all-time favorite movies and had recently become a favorite of Wyatt’s (second from left). On our first day there, we snuggled under my fuzzy blanket to watch it all together for the first time. Sharing my love of this film with them was nothing short of pure joy. It was a huge hit, I think because the main character (a silly, lovable, and sweet robot) communicates almost entirely without words. In true toddler fashion, the three boys ended up watching this movie FIVE MORE TIMES in its entirety before the end of our week-long vacation. And I gladly sat through it a few more myself…
  3. I am reminded of how much I love children and how happy it makes me to be around them!


Similar to coming back across that great snapshot, I keep getting nudges from all directions to pursue what I truly love. I recently created a “Dream Board” comprised of Post-its stuck under the three headers of NOW, SOON, and LATER on my home office wall. It took some time and serious thought, but I really think my goals are both exciting and manageable:


I’ve since added the stickies “Find an accompanist” under SOON and “Hire a driver” under LATER 🙂

I also decided to announce my candidacy for employment via both Facebook and LinkedIn. I had been holding back on doing this but realized an important lesson…

 I need to be my own best advocate.

It’s no one else’s job but mine.


#takeinitiative #happymonday


❤ Liz